Thank you everyone for being awesome!!! This is my second follow forever and actually, i wasn’t really sure about making it because i was sure i would forget someone. But then I thought that I would rather make this to acknowledge ALL the blogs i follow, and thank you for making my dash amazing. Either because you’re really talented, really nice, really funny, or because you’re just you. 

I would like to give a special shoutout to some people: 

likeadrumwealmostbrokeupeverythinhaschangedsweeterthanfictionnrememberyourbarefeetlilyjjanescollinsnewyorkbehere notheskyisgold60squeenskingdomlightsshine

You are the first people I ever talked to. You were my first friends and I’ll never be thankful enough for that!! <3 (hover for a little message)

But i also made new amazing friends: all of you

I really wanted to put all of you in this, but then turned out the post was a bit long so i put it under read more, i’m sorry :( but please, click on the link, i wrote a little message for everyone of you! (hover the link to read it :) )

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Anonymous: "what psd did you use for /post/81938577098? it looks perfect!"

Aw thanks (: i used a psd from rainbowcolorings that I’ve been using forever and adjusted it a lot. I tried looking for the link but its not there anymore :(  

Anonymous: "what are your sharpening settings?? your edits are so good!"

I actually use this action (its by everdeenrosie)  and thank you that’s so sweet :)